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African Express Airways (K) Limited

Kenya, Nairobi, Airport North Road, African Express Airways Building, 00501

African Express Airways (K) Limited, founded in 1986, is a Kenyan airline offering domestic and international flights across Africa and the Middle East. Known for their punctuality and reliability, the airline boasts modern aircraft and experienced crews. However, their limited routes and higher fares compared to budget carriers may be a drawback for some. Overall, African Express Airways (K) Limited offers a convenient option for travelers seeking comfort and reliability.

African Express Airways (K) Limited baggage rules

Baggage Rules of African Express Airways (K) Limited

As with any airline, African Express Airways (K) Limited has specific baggage rules that all passengers must follow. To avoid any confusion, it's important to familiarize yourself with these rules before you travel. Here is a breakdown of the baggage rules of African Express Airways (K) Limited.


The standard baggage allowance for African Express Airways (K) Limited is 20kg per passenger. Any luggage that exceeds this limit will be charged extra fees. It is also important to ensure that each bag is clearly labeled with your name, address, and contact details.

Hand Baggage

Passengers are allowed to bring one piece of hand baggage on board with them, provided that it meets the specified dimensions of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. It should also not weigh more than 7kg. Any excess or oversized bags will need to be checked in as hold baggage, which may incur additional fees.

Excess or Overweight Baggage

For any baggage that exceeds the standard weight allowance of 20kg, passengers will be charged an additional fee per kilogram of excess baggage. It is important to note that this rate varies depending on the respective route, so it's important to check the airline's official website or contact their customer service team directly for the latest information.

Items Prohibited for Carriage

For the safety and security of all passengers on board, there are certain items that are not permitted to be carried on African Express Airways (K) Limited flights. These include explosives, weapons, flammable materials, and certain chemicals. It is important to refer to the airline's official website for a comprehensive list of prohibited items before traveling.

Frequently asked questions about the airline

Answers to questions about the airline that travelers are most interested in

Where can I apply in case of loss or damage to my baggage by African Express Airways (K) Limited?

In case of loss or damage to your baggage by African Express Airways (K) Limited, you can apply for compensation by contacting the airline's customer service or the baggage department. You would need to provide details such as your flight information, the description of your lost or damaged baggage, and any supporting documents such as a baggage claim receipt or travel insurance policy. The airline would then assess your claim and offer appropriate compensation based on their policy.

How long before departure does African Express Airways (K) Limited close check-in and boarding?

African Express Airways (K) Limited usually closes check-in and boarding 45 minutes before departure.

Can I check in online for an African Express Airways (K) Limited flight?

Unfortunately, African Express Airways (K) Limited currently does not offer an online check-in facility. Passengers are required to check-in at the airport counter. It is recommended to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights to complete check-in and other formalities.

Does African Express Airways (K) Limited pay compensation for flight delays and cancellations?

As an AI language model, I do not have access to the current policies and regulations of African Express Airways. However, according to the EU air passenger rights regulations, airlines operating in the European Union and flights departing from any airport in the EU are required to compensate passengers for flight delays, cancellations, or denied boarding. The compensation amount depends on the distance of the flight and the length of the delay. Whether Africa Express Airways (K) Limited comply with EU regulations depends on the specific flight and circumstances.

Does African Express Airways (K) Limited provide additional services for passengers with disabilities?

As an AI language model, I do not have access to the latest information on African Express Airways. However, in general, airlines are committed to providing assistance to passengers with disabilities to ensure their safety and comfort during the flight. This may include providing seating accommodations, wheelchair assistance, and special meals. Some airlines may also provide services such as sign language interpretation or assistance with navigating the airport. It is recommended to check with the airline in advance to ensure that they can accommodate any specific needs.

Does African Express Airways (K) Limited provide meals and drinks on board?

Yes, African Express Airways (K) Limited provides complimentary meals and non-alcoholic drinks on all flights. However, alcoholic drinks are not served onboard.

Are African Express Airways (K) Limited airline tickets refundable?

The refund policy for African Express Airways (K) Limited airline tickets may vary depending on the fare type and the specific conditions of your ticket. It is recommended to review the terms and conditions of your ticket carefully to determine if it is refundable or not. Alternatively, you may also contact the airline's customer service for more information on their refund policy.

What conditions does African Express Airways (K) Limited set for traveling with children and babies?

African Express Airways (K) Limited requires that children under the age of two years travel with an adult, and that children aged two to twelve years be accompanied by an adult. Babies must be carried on the lap of the accompanying adult, and the airline does not provide baby seats. The airline does not provide specific children's food, but does offer vegetarian, non-vegetarian and Muslim meals. Entertainment options include music and movies, but there is no information on whether there are specific programs for children.

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