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Air Namibia, the national airline of Namibia, was founded in 1947. The airline offers both domestic and international flights to various destinations in Africa and Europe. Its advantages include comfortable seating, great in-flight entertainment, and friendly service. However, the airline's disadvantages include limited routes and frequent delays. As for pricing, Air Namibia is considered to be affordable for an average traveling person, but prices may vary depending on the season and destination. Regardless, Air Namibia remains a reliable option for those looking to travel within Namibia and beyond.

Air Namibia baggage rules

Baggage Rules of Air Namibia Airline

Air Namibia is the national airline of Namibia, servicing many destinations throughout Africa and Europe. To ensure a smooth and convenient journey, passengers must comply with Air Namibia's baggage rules. Below are the baggage rules of Air Namibia airline.


Passengers are allowed to check-in one or two pieces of baggage that are not exceeding 158 cm (height+width+length) and 32 kgs. Passengers with infants are permitted to carry a fully collapsible pushchair, car seat and a carrycot in the aircraft hold at no extra charge. Luggage that exceeds these limits will be deemed as overweight or oversized baggage.

Hand Baggage

Air Namibia passengers are allowed to bring one piece of hand luggage not exceeding 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm and 8 kgs. Passengers with infants are entitled to bring an additional small bag for essential baby food and nappies.

Excess or Overweight Baggage

Passengers will have to pay an additional fee for excess and overweight baggage. The fee for excess baggage is computed based on the official Air Namibia tariff, and passengers are allowed to carry a maximum of 50 kgs of check-in baggage. Passengers carrying more than 32 kgs will be required to use heavy-duty bags. Baggage exceeding the above weights will not be accepted for carriage.

Items Prohibited for Carriage

Certain items are not allowed to be carried on Air Namibia flights. These items comprise items that are unsafe, dangerous or contraband. Examples include corrosive, flammable and explosive materials, compressed gasses, firearms and cartridges, dangerous chemicals and any other items prohibited by applicable law.

In conclusion, prior to taking an Air Namibia flight, it is essential to familiarize oneself with the airline's baggage rules. This information helps to ensure a stress-free journey without any inconvenience or extra costs incurred due to failure to adhere to these guidelines.

Frequently asked questions about the airline

Answers to questions about the airline that travelers are most interested in

Where can I apply in case of loss or damage to my baggage by Air Namibia?

In case of loss or damage to your baggage by Air Namibia, you can file a claim with the airline's baggage service office at the airport or contact their customer service via email or phone. You will need to provide your baggage claim tag, flight details, and a description of the lost or damaged items. Air Namibia will then investigate the claim and offer compensation accordingly.

How long before departure does Air Namibia close check-in and boarding?

Air Namibia closes check-in 45 minutes before departure and boarding gates close 20 minutes before departure.

Can I check in online for an Air Namibia flight?

Yes, it is possible to check-in online for Air Namibia flights. You can do it by visiting the Air Namibia official website and selecting the "Online Check-in" option. Online check-in opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure time and closes one hour before the flight departure time. It is recommended to complete the online check-in process as soon as possible to avoid any last-minute issues.

Does Air Namibia pay compensation for flight delays and cancellations?

As an AI language model, I don't have access to the latest information regarding Air Namibia's policy for flight cancellations, but generally, according to the EU Regulation 261/2004, if the flight delay or cancellation is the airline's fault, passengers may be entitled to compensation, depending on the duration of the delay and the distance of the flight. However, if the delay or cancellation is due to extraordinary circumstances, such as severe weather, strikes, or security issues, the airline is not required to pay compensation. Passengers should check Air Namibia's specific policies and contact the airline directly for further information.

Does Air Namibia provide additional services for passengers with disabilities?

Yes, Air Namibia provides additional services for passengers with disabilities. This includes pre-boarding assistance, special seating, and assistance with mobility aids. Passengers can request for these services at the time of booking or at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time. The airline also allows certain medical equipment to be carried on board for passengers with disabilities.

Does Air Namibia provide meals and drinks on board?

Yes, Air Namibia does provide complimentary meals and drinks on board. Alcoholic drinks are also available for purchase.

Are Air Namibia airline tickets refundable?

Yes, Air Namibia offers refunds for unused tickets as per their refund policy. However, the conditions and fees associated with the refund depend on the type of fare purchased and the reason for the refund request. It is recommended to contact Air Namibia directly or consult their website for more information on their refund policy.

What conditions does Air Namibia set for traveling with children and babies?

Air Namibia allows children of all ages to travel with their parents or guardians. Infants under the age of two are classified as lap children and are allowed to travel with one adult free of charge. However, if the infant occupies a seat, a child fare must be purchased. Children between the ages of two and 11 must occupy a seat and are charged a child fare. Children aged 12 and above are charged an adult fare. Air Namibia does not provide children's food or entertainment on board. However, parents or guardians can bring their own games, books, and snacks for their children during the flight. The airline does offer a selection of in-flight movies, TV shows, and music for all passengers to enjoy.

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