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Myanmar, Yangon, No.88, 1st Floor, Inner Block, Myanmar Airways International Building, 11191

Air Mandalay is a Burmese airline founded in 1994. Its main advantage is the wide range of destinations, including Myanmar's most popular tourist destinations. However, its disadvantage is its limited fleet size, which can lead to flight cancellations. In terms of pricing policy, Air Mandalay offers reasonably priced tickets that are affordable for an average traveling person. Despite its limited fleet, Air Mandalay provides a quality and enjoyable flying experience for those who want to explore Myanmar's beauty. Book your tickets now and be ready to have an amazing experience with Air Mandalay!

Air Mandalay baggage rules

Baggage Rules of Air Mandalay Airline

When you're planning a trip with Air Mandalay, it's important to be aware of the airline's baggage rules to avoid any surprises at check-in. In this article, we'll go over Air Mandalay's policies for luggage, hand baggage, excess or overweight baggage, and items prohibited for carriage.

Luggage As per Air Mandalay's bagage policy, passengers are permitted to travel with one piece of checked baggage with weight upto 20 kgs for both domestic and intenational flights in economy class. For business class passengers, the permitted weight is upto 30 kgs.

Hand Baggage Passengers can carry one cabin bag that should not weigh more than 7 kilograms and not exceed the size of 55 x 38 x 20 cm. Additionally, passenger can carry one personal item that does not weigh more than 3 kilograms.

Excess or Overweight Baggage If your checked baggage exceeds the permitted weight, you will be charged an excess baggage fee. The fees for excess baggage are computed using a piece concept and are according to zones. For domestic flights, extra baggage charge would be USD 2 per kg or Ks. 3,000 per kg while for international sector it will be USD 5 per kg.

Items Prohibited for Carriage Air Mandalay has outlined items that are prohibited from being transported on its flights. These include explosives, flammable substances, corrosive materials, toxic substances, and infectious substances. Passengers are also not allowed to carry firearms, sharp objects, or any other dangerous item on board.

By following Air Mandalay's baggage rules, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience during your travels with the airline. Always remember to check with the airline's website for the most up-to-date policies and procedures regarding baggage.

Frequently asked questions about the airline

Answers to questions about the airline that travelers are most interested in

Where can I apply in case of loss or damage to my baggage by Air Mandalay?

In case of loss or damage to your baggage by Air Mandalay, you can file a claim at the airline's baggage service counter at the arrival airport or contact their customer service center. You will need to provide your flight details, copies of your ticket and boarding pass, and a detailed description of the lost or damaged item. You may also be required to fill out a baggage irregularity report form. It is recommended to report the incident as soon as possible to increase the chances of locating your baggage or receiving compensation for the loss or damage.

How long before departure does Air Mandalay close check-in and boarding?

Air Mandalay closes check-in and boarding 45 minutes before departure.

Can I check in online for an Air Mandalay flight?

Unfortunately, Air Mandalay does not currently offer online check-in for its flights. Passengers are advised to check-in at the airport counter. It is recommended to arrive at least two hours prior to the departure time for domestic flights and three hours for international flights.

Does Air Mandalay pay compensation for flight delays and cancellations?

As an AI language model, I do not have access to current policies or practices of Air Mandalay regarding compensation for flight delays and cancellations. I suggest directly contacting Air Mandalay or checking their website for information on their policies regarding flight disruptions.

Does Air Mandalay provide additional services for passengers with disabilities?

As an AI language model, I do not have access to the current policies of Air Mandalay regarding additional services for passengers with disabilities. It is best to contact the airline directly or visit their official website for information on their services for passengers with disabilities.

Does Air Mandalay provide meals and drinks on board?

Air Mandalay does provide meals and drinks on board, although the type of service may vary depending on the flight time and destination. Alcoholic drinks are also available for purchase on board but are subject to availability and may not be offered on all flights.

Are Air Mandalay airline tickets refundable?

According to the Air Mandalay refund policy, airline tickets are refundable depending on the fare rules and regulations. Some fares may be non-refundable or have strict refund policies, while other fares may be fully refundable or allow for partial refunds. It is recommended to check the fare rules and restrictions before purchasing an airline ticket with Air Mandalay and to contact their customer service team for assistance with refunds.

What conditions does Air Mandalay set for traveling with children and babies?

Air Mandalay sets the following conditions for traveling with children and babies: 1. Infants: Infants under the age of two may travel on the lap of an adult passenger free of charge. However, only one infant is allowed per adult passenger. 2. Children: Children aged between two and twelve are charged 75% of the adult fare. They must occupy a separate seat and use a seatbelt during takeoff, landing, and in turbulent conditions. 3. Unaccompanied minors: Children between five and twelve may travel alone with the Unaccompanied Minor service. This service must be booked at the time of booking and carries an additional fee. 4. Child restraint system: Air Mandalay allows the use of child restraint systems on board. These systems must be approved for use on aircraft and must be used in a window seat. As for children's food and entertainment on board, Air Mandalay does not provide a specific menu or entertainment for children. However, special meals can be requested at least 24 hours before the flight, and passengers are free to bring their own entertainment aboard the flight.