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Honduras, Tegucigalpa, Boulevard Juan Pablo II, Frente a Residencial Juan Pablo, 504

Aerolíneas Sosa is a Honduras-based airline that was founded in 1976. Its primary focus is to provide transportation for people traveling to different regions of Honduras. It offers several advantages, including affordable rates, a flexible schedule, and a relatively good safety record. However, the airline does experience occasional delays and cancelations due to weather and other unforeseeable circumstances. Its pricing policy is affordable, making it an excellent choice for individuals traveling on a budget. Overall, if you're traveling to Honduras and looking for a cost-effective option, Aerolíneas Sosa might be the right choice for you.

Aerolíneas Sosa baggage rules

Baggage rules of Aerolíneas Sosa airline

Aerolíneas Sosa is a regional airline that operates in Honduras. The airline has specific baggage rules that passengers should familiarize themselves with before traveling.

Luggage Aerolíneas Sosa allows passengers to check in up to two pieces of luggage with a maximum weight of 50 lbs (23 kg) each. Any additional luggage will be subject to an excess baggage fee. Passengers should label their luggage with their name, address, and telephone number.

Hand baggage Passengers are allowed to carry one piece of hand baggage weighing no more than 10 lbs (5 kg) and with dimensions not exceeding 22 x 14 x 10 inches (56 x 36 x 26 cm). In addition, passengers are allowed to carry a personal item such as a laptop or purse.

Excess or overweight baggage Passengers with excess or overweight baggage will be charged a fee based on the weight and size of their luggage. It is recommended that passengers contact the airline before their flight to arrange for any excess baggage they may have.

Items prohibited for carriage There are several items that are prohibited for carriage on Aerolíneas Sosa flights. These include explosives, flammable substances, sharp objects, firearms, and other dangerous items. Passengers should consult the airline's website for a complete list of prohibited items.

Frequently asked questions about the airline

Answers to questions about the airline that travelers are most interested in

Where can I apply in case of loss or damage to my baggage by Aerolíneas Sosa?

In case of loss or damage to your baggage by Aerolíneas Sosa, you should immediately file a claim with the airline's baggage service office at the airport where you arrived. You will need to complete a report on the nature of the incident and provide a list of the items that were lost or damaged. Aerolíneas Sosa will then investigate the claim and will provide compensation if deemed necessary. It is important to note that there may be limitations and exclusions to the airline's liability in cases of baggage loss or damage, so it is advisable to review the airline's baggage policy before travel.

How long before departure does Aerolíneas Sosa close check-in and boarding?

Aerolíneas Sosa typically closes check-in and boarding 30 minutes before departure.

Can I check in online for an Aerolíneas Sosa flight?

Unfortunately, Aerolíneas Sosa does not offer online check-in at this time. Passengers must check in at the airport. It is recommended to arrive at least two hours before the scheduled departure time.

Does Aerolíneas Sosa pay compensation for flight delays and cancellations?

As an AI language model, I do not have access to current information regarding Aerolíneas Sosa's compensation policy for flight delays and cancellations. However, it is advisable to check the airline's terms and conditions or contact their customer service for more information on their compensation policies in case of flight disruptions.

Does Aerolíneas Sosa provide additional services for passengers with disabilities?

As an AI language model, I cannot provide updated information in real-time regarding services or policies of Aerolíneas Sosa. However, airlines are generally required to make accommodations for passengers with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This includes providing wheelchair assistance, allowing service animals on board, and making efforts to accommodate specific needs of the passenger. It is recommended that passengers with disabilities contact the airline directly to discuss their specific needs and any necessary accommodations in advance of their flight.

Does Aerolíneas Sosa provide meals and drinks on board?

I'm sorry, as an AI language model, I don't have access to the latest information about Aerolíneas Sosa services and policies. However, according to the company's website, Sosa Airlines only operates small aircraft that typically have limited food and beverage service. Passengers on Sosa Airlines flights may receive snacks and drinks, but full meals are not usually available. As for alcoholic drinks, it would depend on the airline's specific policies. It's best to check with Aerolíneas Sosa directly or review their in-flight policies before your flight.

Are Aerolíneas Sosa airline tickets refundable?

It depends on the type of ticket purchased and the terms and conditions of the airline. It is best to check with Aerolíneas Sosa directly to determine their specific refund policy.

What conditions does Aerolíneas Sosa set for traveling with children and babies?

Aerolíneas Sosa requires that children under the age of 18 travel with a legal guardian or authorized adult. Babies under the age of two must be seated on an adult's lap during the flight. The airline provides a bassinet for infants weighing up to 10kg if requested in advance. Aerolíneas Sosa does not offer children's food or entertainment on board, however, passengers are welcome to bring their own snacks and devices for entertainment.

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