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Cheapest flights to Sudan

We at Flaut.Travel are looking for cheapest airline tickets across various airlines and booking systems thus we know who makes the best offers for cheap flights. Rather than selling tickets to you directly we only are only finding who's selling them and show their offers to you. Purchase always occurs on trusted official websites which guarantees that you will enjoy your trip to Sudan without any implications. Sudan population is 43,849,269 people. Official currency in Sudan is Sudanese pound (SDG).

22 May 2024

Departure date

1 transfer

Starting at $620

Direct flights to Sudan

The best way to travel to Sudan is by direct flight. The cost of an air ticket for direct flight to Sudan depends on many factors and changes every day. When looking up the prices for you we take into consideration all possible factors such as trip class (business or economy), date and time of departure and arrival, airport of departure and arrival and of cource airline you are traveling with.

23 May 2024

Departure date

Direct flight

Starting at $337

Biggest and most popular airports in Sudan

These are ones of the biggest airports in Sudan which travelers and airlines (according to travelers' choice of destination) prefers to fly to. You can also navigate to airport's page on Flaut.Travel by clicking on one of the links below to see desired airport schedule, location and all the other usefull information.

Port Sudan Airport

Starting at $337

Airlines flying to Sudan

Here is the list of top airlines flying to various cities in Sudan. You can follow the link to airline's dedicated page to see more information about it as well as its trending and cheapest flights

Starting at $337

Starting at $631

Starting at $667

Starting at $727

Starting at $803

Starting at $942

Starting at $4,230

Cheapest flights to cities in Sudan

List of cities to be the most popular with cheapest tickets to travel to

Port Sudan

Starting at $620